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All services are provided using Open Source products.

Computer, Phone and Electrical Repairs

No fix no fee! Cracked screens, damaged cables, missing keys, broken chargers, slow running, won't boot, virus, spyware, bad WiFi, etc. Parts recycled from old machines if available.

Website and Server Management

Helping you choose and setup the best software for your online systems. Make sure your system is secure and up to date. Automated monitoring and testing alerts you to problems as soon as they happen.

Electronics, Sensors and Automation

Automate your daily tasks and collect critical data; battery monitoring, irrigation control, weather stations, you name it and I'll see if I can automate it!

Content and Data Management

From product descriptions to blog posts, event listings to geographic data, there is probably a application designed to fit your needs, databases and spreadsheets, graphing, reports and other ways of viewing your data.

Advice, Training and Workshops

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." One-to-one training, or for groups interested in learning about software freedom, alternative computing platforms, open source, electronics or more specific digital DIY projects.

Open Source Software

There is a wealth of free tools and applications available to us today, but many people are unaware of them because of advertised expensive corporate products. Free yourself with open source solutions for every day problems.


Here is a taster of a few of my projects.

3D Printing

Design & Manufacturing

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Websites, Shops and Apps

Content Management and eCommerce

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Mapping and Tracking

Geographic Information Systems

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Hi, I'm James, a freelance geek, open source advocate, maker and inventor.

I've been programming computers since about 1994 so have seen the development of many of our modern day technologies (e.g. smartphone, robotics, internet, etc) from their early stages. I love fixing and building things, not only computers, but all electronic and mechanical devices, even plumbing and wiring. I will always take things apart and try to figure out how they work and repair things before I throw them out.

Today I freelance, and specialise in helping people provide low cost solutions with free tools and software. I can give advice and assistance helping you design, build and sell your products and manifest your ideas.

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Based near Okehampton, Devon.