Feb 23, 2009

My mates mouse stopped working the other day, so I thought I would have a go at fixing it, assuming it was probably a damaged cable as is usually the case. After checking the continuity of the cable we decided this wasn't the problem. So I had the mouse apart and started poking around looking for bad connections or damaged components, and discovered something pretty weird.

As I touched the board in various places the LED sometimes faintly came on, and occasionally the mouth started to work for a short time, I eventually narrowed it down to what looked like a surface mount capacitor, which if I briefly shorted out would start the mouse working!

This seemed to work every time, plug the mouse in... nothing, short out the capacitor... bingo it wortks!

So I soldered a bit of wire to either side of the capacitor and poked it out the side of the mouse, I was thinking of attaching a push button, or maybe stealing one of the unused mouse buttons, but as this is only a temporary fix until he gets a new mouse we decided to just leave the wires poking out, and he could quickly touch them together to activate the mouse!

I have no idea how or why this works, but it does... not sure how long for, but I think not having to navigate solely with the keyboard may stop him going crazy quite so soon!