Mar 29, 2009
Category:Arduino Electronics 

After my semi successful prototype of my remote control car speedometer project using a reed switch, I'm back with version 2, this time using a hall effect sensor.

Mar 23, 2009
Category:Arduino Electronics 

I love my Arduino development board and have done some interesting experiments with it, and now I am at the stage of wanting to make some of my circuits a bit more independent and permanent...

Mar 9, 2009
Category:Arduino Electronics 

I've recently acquired a laser pen, and of course, instantly dismantled it! I bypassed the push button and soldered on a couple of wines replacing the batteries, allowing it to be powered and controlled by the Arduino.

Mar 7, 2009
Category:Arduino Electronics 

As mentioned in an earlier post, I suggested the motor driver IC would be preferable over four transistors and lots of wire due to it's small and neat package! However I have just realised something that may sway me in the other direction...

Mar 6, 2009
Category:HTML Programming 

I work a lot with user submitted data, and it usually comes in the form of a Microsoft Word document, either as a .doc or copied and pasted from Word into forms or emails.